I waddled onto the beach and stole found a computer to use.

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  • At some point I think I’m going to write a post about nice behaviour here. I have to think about it some more… And this is a diverse place anyways, other people might like different things.

    I’d read something like that :)

    Sometimes we also don’t think about how we could be doing something better. Another thing that comes to mind, which I sometimes forget, is upvoting the post that you are commenting on. Usually if I’m commenting, I want more people to see and join the discussion, but I forget to upvote before leaving the tab

  • There was a post earlier today with an explainer on who is doing it: https://lemmy.ca/post/15935073

    I’m not sure why this particular instance was chosen, but from what I can tell the spammers are doing it for the memes anyways.

    The best you can do for now is to keep reporting them. What you can also do is see if there’s a pattern, such as one instance popping up more often than others. Chances are that instance has open signups or something, and lemmy.world (and everyone else) should defederate