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  • +1. Resolve is leaps and bounds ahead of Premiere and even After Effects when you consider Resolve has Fusion built in. I work on high level projects and often run into huge issues trying to work with Premiere projects. Most editors still use it simply because it was the first NLE they picked up. It lacks proper color management and its ability to export out to other software whether for post audio, color, or VFX is abysmal. I switched to Resolve about 5 years ago and while it isn’t without its faults, I’ll take it over Adobe bullshit any day. Sometimes I have to open editors premiere files to troubleshoot and I want to blow my brains out. Easily can wipe out an entire day just troubleshooting premiere projects. It’s funny because when I first got into the industry I was using Premiere and they were trying to push me to use Avid. I felt the same way about Avid as I currently feel about premiere.

  • I use Joplin and it works great for this exact thing. Anytime I discover a new command that fixes something I’ll throw it into my Joplin notebook. “New Server Cheatsheet” goes to list in order common operations and commands for setting up SSH, UfW, making a non-root user, configuring wireguard, etc. I have hundreds of notes by now and they’re easily found via search bar.

  • I would say pretty secure. Of course, I would ensure all of the proper firewall, app pins, 2FA are in place in case my phone was ever compromised.

    I’m already accessing all of the services now over the web with authentication. This new configuration would shift thos services from being public to only devices on my private mesh network with the proper certificates.

  • You can probably find a visual walkthrough of the GUI by searching youtube.

    There’s a login page. After you authenticate, there’s a live view page, a review/recordings page if you are recording to SD card in camera, and a few settings pages.

    I’d say you could absolutely access the camera standalone, but at least the cameras I have don’t do any detection or notifications. That’s where the NVR comes in. I know reolink has cameras that do all of the above including AI detection.

  • I know you’re in zigbee, but I’ve tested many different wall switches and IMO Zooz Zwave switches are the best option.

    They’re cheap, reliable, and most importantly don’t cause LED lights to flicker like every other brand I’ve tested. They also have replaceable paddles so you can change the color of the paddles. I purchased black paddles and used a sand blaster to make them matte like the rest of the outlets and plates around my apartment.

    Inovelli is also great however those switches are overkill for most situations and very pricey.

  • Maybe my situation is just unique, but due to my job I’m able to have a single workstation with multiple high VRAM GPUs. I wouldn’t be able to justify the cost of buying new GPUs and an entire rig just for gaming or AI image/video. I wouldn’t foresee more than 2 VMs using the GPU in high priority at any single time.

    When I’m not working this system sits idle or is running renders. Why not utilize the amazing resources I have to serve my other needs?